Personal Insolvency l Northern Ireland and UK

If you cannot repay your debts, you may be considering bankruptcy. Before taking that step, it’s important to consider other personal insolvency options.


Our insolvency experts help many individuals to take control of their finances and deal with debt. We can assist you to find the best solution for your individual circumstances.


Our services include advice on:

    • Individual Voluntary Arrangements: If you are experiencing difficulty repaying your creditors, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is solution to consider. An IVA is an agreement between you and your creditors under which you agree to make regular payments through an Insolvency Practitioner. A significant benefit of an IVA is that it offers some protection from creditors.


      • Debt Relief Orders: If you have a very low income, few assets and your debts do not exceed £15,000, you may be eligible to apply for a Debt Relief Order. For eligible individuals, obtaining a DRO can be a low cost alternative to bankruptcy.


      • Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy orders are made by the High Court and usually last for a year. In certain circumstances, bankruptcy can offer a way to clear your debts and make a fresh start. Before deciding to become bankrupt, however, it is important to explore other options and obtain independent advice.

PKF-FPM can help you to decide which of these solutions best fits your individual circumstances. We also help with informal settlement negotiation, refinancing and negotiated time settlements.

For an informal discussion about your specific situation, please contact a member of our team.



“As a result of the recession my wife and I were left with significant personal guarantees and other debts in relation to a failed construction company and were under incredible pressure and did not know where to turn.  Our accountant suggested that we contact PKF-FPM Accountants.  PKF-FPM quickly and clearly presented our options and made a recommendation. As a result PKF-FPM were able of get a 90% write-down on our debts.  We have now returned to solvency and can sleep at night for the first time in years.”

Gerard, Newry

For further information on any of the services available, please contact:

Alison Burnside Phone number: 028 902 431 31
Seamas Keating Phone number: 028 902 431 31
Gary Digney Phone number: 028 902 431 31

“Alison Burnside and Seamas Keating are authorised to act as Insolvency Practitioners in the UK and Ireland by Chartered Accountants Ireland.”