Governance & Risk Management

PKF-FPM is a leading provider of corporate governance and risk management services for companies and organisations in the public and private sectors.


Organisations across the public and private sectors in Ireland and Northern Ireland are increasingly required to demonstrate that they have effective corporate governance and risk management procedures in place.  Implementing best practices provides assurance for your stakeholders that your organisation is run in a responsible manner.


At PKF-FPM, our corporate governance and risk management advisors assist organisations in many different sectors to implement best policy.


Our services include:

  • Board review and performance evaluation
  • Internal audit
  • Risk identification and management
  • Information systems review
  • Corporate governance reviews
  • Fit for purpose audits

Contact us for more information on how we could help your business;

Teresa Campbell Phone number 028 302 610 10
Lowry Grant Phone number 028 908 308 01