PKF-FPM provides specialist services for manufacturing businesses in Ireland and the UK. Our expertise helps your business achieve its potential.


Manufacturing and engineering are among the key sectors for our local economy.  Given the competitive edge in global markets, there is a greater need than ever for companies to be focused on growth, internationalisation, innovation and increased productivity.

With an in-depth understanding of the industry and track record of delivering quality services to engineering and manufacturing businesses, we can help you tackle the challenges and identify the opportunities in today’s highly competitive business environment. Our expertise spans engineering, electronics, giftware, aerospace, agri-food and heavy industries.


We have the know-how to meet your needs in a host of areas such as:

Tax planning for manufacturing businesses

Our tax experts also offer specialist advice for manufacturing businesses in areas such as:

  • R & D tax benefits
  • Capital Allowances
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Financial incentives
  • Maximising efficiencies
  • Cost Control
  • Funding growth, Access to Finance
  • Working capital management
  • Exchange rate volatility
  • Strategic planning


“As a growing Engineering and manufacturing business we highly value our relationship with PKFFPM and see them playing a vital role in our decision making process, always consulting with them on our business decisions. We have been a client of PKFFPM for nearly 20 years and have always enjoyed a strong relationship with the team, built on quality service and trust. Working with PKFFPM has helped us successfully navigate the various business issues encountered over the years and we would highly recommend them to any business in this sector”.

 Hugh Fitzpatrick, Director, Moyfab Engineering Limited

Contact a member of our Manufacturing team for further insight into how we can help your business:

Teresa Campbell Phone number: 028 902 431 31
Michelle Hawkins Phone number: 028 302 610 10