Irish Company Secretarial Update

There has been an amendment to the Irish Companies Act which include some important changes;


• If a company files an annual return late with audit exempt financial statements, those financial statements can be filed as audit exempt and the company will be required to have the following two financial years audited.


• There is no change to the Sec 343 District Court Applications for lost Audit Exemption.


• Automatic 56 days to file the annual return and financial statements from the ARD instead of having to file the annual return within 28 days and gaining another 28 days to file the signature page and the pdf financial statements – THIS HAS NOT YET COMMENCED


• New powers for IAASA of sanction and enforcement; changes to auditors of quoted companies and change to remove the definition of a “public auditor”


• It is a category 2 offence for a person or firm (who is other than a statutory auditor) to act as, describe themselves as or carry out statutory audits.


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