Cyber Security

Please be aware of businesses in Northern Ireland and Ireland being targeted by scammers who contact companies requesting credit card details to successfully complete the delivery of a parcel. The amounts requested will usually be very small, and they may use the name of another business known to you to connect you to the delivery. Delivery companies will never contact you to request payment details – they will either return the parcel or ask for cash on delivery if additional payments are due.


Other Top Cyber Security Tips: 


• Don’t open emails from people you don’t know
• Hover over links to see the real websites you are being taken to
• Look out for spelling or grammatical mistakes in unusual emails
• Review your bank and credit card accounts regularly for suspicious transactions
• Use Strong Passwords – combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols
• Keep your software up to date – both on your computers and mobile devices
• Use anti-virus software and firewalls (and update them regularly!)
• Create difficult mobile passcodes – not your birthday or bank card PINs


Remain vigilant and safe this Christmas!